Friday, August 11, 2023

"One man's trash is another man's treasure. . . " Or not

Silver?  Says who?

We have a silver tea set--teapot, coffee pot, sugar bowl, cream pitcher--that was a wedding gift to us from a group of friends.  Someone else gave us a silver tray for our wedding.  We also have a serving "holder" consisting of a lidded silver container designed to hold a rectangular baking dish, and, among our Passover dishes, a little serving bowl.  While we were delighted to receive these gifts, our current entertainment style is much less formal.  None of these pieces has a silversmith's mark, so I assume that they're all silverplate rather than sterling silver.  I've checked online, and, as far as I can determine, no one is buying silverplate.  I'm not sure that we can even give these away, much less sell them.  Any ideas would be appreciated--we have only about two weeks until our apartment painting, and would love to get items that we haven't used in decades into better hands.

"I love you, a bushel and a peck . . . "

I doubt that anyone under 50 has ever even heard that song, and most folks of that age probably don't know what it means.  A bushel and a peck are volumes of measurement--if memory serves me correctly, a bushel is larger.  I currently have a bushel basket  (a what?) of items that I can only describe as "buffet dishes" on a shelf in a closet.  They're dinner plates with an indentation in them for the included matching teacups, presumably used to enable people to hold both their food and their coffee in one hand.  I inherited these from my grandparents, but have never actually seen them in use.  Does anyone serve food this way anymore?  What am I supposed to do with these things?

So long, CDs

I had ripped almost all them to my computer years ago, so almost all of them went to the basement for recycling.  After all, they're only plastic.

Ah, the joys of prepping to have one's apartment painted (quoth she sarcastically).


Blogger Maya Resnikoff said...

I don't know what to do with your things (I'd find some of them useful if we had any space for anything, but we have not enough space even for what we have...)- but I am definitely under 50, and my kids more so, and I and they know "I love you, a Bushel and a Peck". I think they have some idea that bushels and pecks are measurements of stuff, but I doubt they understand more than that. Nevertheless, they are very fond of the song, and occasionally get into a phase where they demand that I sing it to them often.

Wed Aug 16, 11:11:00 PM 2023  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Maya, that's cool. :)

Wed Aug 23, 09:49:00 PM 2023  

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